Scam Alert

Please read some important safety awareness

Through the years, Visatrust has been challenged to surpass the common fear of Filipino applicants who came in our office for assistance along with their eagerness to fly to NZ the fastest way versus their fear against scam companies. Given all the information plus a couple of safety warnings, still a number of reports have prompted us to take this concern a priority while the “program on Student Visa remain a hot cake” for Filipino young professionals.

As we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary this August 17, 2014; Visatrust team takes part in protecting the student visa applicants.

Now Visatrust is geared towards educating prospective applicants with following pointers how to avoid “Bogus” or “Scam” companies promoting International Study Program in the Philippines:

  • Check your Offer of Place (OOP) if you have been accepted by NZ School, the Course Fee must be verified with school for the right amount as approved. Check the Schools website. Your consultant must give you the right to communicate with your school.
  • Your consultant must give you the New Zealand Immigration Website and must be willing to allow you to communicate once you have received Approval in Principle, advising every student by the visa officer saying that your application has been approved and you are advised to pay such course fee or if you are required to open an account with ANZ bank for your living allowance (the so called FTS policy or Fund Transfer Scheme)
  • You must receive communication from the Immigration via email addressed to you or to your consultant as your representative during application process.
  • You should know who the Visa Officer is assigned to you from the time your application has been acknowledged or received by INZ Manila branch.
  • You must be given right idea, assessment, right program that fits your qualification and work exposure. You need to know your benefits, rights and obligation during orientation and what the Website says about the student visa. Please note that having financial capability alone is not a sole reason that you are qualified to apply (i.e. if you are a high school graduate or have not graduated in high school and is now 30-40’s of age and no work experience or trainings attended or further studies, know your options before you proceed.)
  • Ideally, if you are quick to submit your complete documents, the waiting time for the result takes only 15 days, unless there are concerns from your visa officer for additional documents or the school in NZ, may have some entry requirement concerns or if you fail to submit other important documents on time. Consultants as well have assessment concerns that made them decide when to lodge your application. If declined, for some reasons like interview or needing additional documents, please check what is in the decline letter. Change your circumstance base on visa officer’s advice or submit what is required before you submit it again.
  • Interview is an essential part of your application result. Your consultant must give you a practice interview not just for interview sake but for you to genuinely know the nature of your course undertaking and your honest intention of your plan to study in NZ. You must be able to prove that your intention is genuine. Once approved, the visa is stamped on your passport (NZ visa).

At VISATRUST, your application is submitted with honest profile. We do not submit fake documents.

Beware! We have been receiving Fake visas reported by applicants from other consultants. Even the emails that must come from Visa officer's with address and telephone number from INZ Manila were just copied and posted on email sent to applicants. We are not saying that you just choose VISATRUST, we somehow encourage applicants to -- vigilant by knowing the program yourself as you are investing huge amount for this International Study Program. We may not be perfect to meet your expectations but we commit to serve you with an honest intention of achieving successful result in every lodged application.

Security awareness: Please note when you receive an email from a staff member of Immigration New Zealand the email address will always have the address path as follows Any email received that does not have the path is not from an Immigration New Zealand staff member. Please be aware of this email address format. Visit: and learn more about International Study Program.

In behalf of all other credible agents in the field of Study Program business, Visatrust would like to inform the public that we are not an employment recruitment agency. We hope that this few reminders on awareness, would help every future applicant to trust their agents in return as governed by clear agreement or contact between two parties to protect both interests.

Thelma Luna

CEO, Visatrust